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For My Family……


Picture below is Owen Boykin (__ - __) and Lillie Dannar (__ - __):

Owen Boykin and Lillie Dannar.

Note: Lillie Dannar's first marriage was to a man with the last name of Brummit. They had one child, a son, Jesse. Jesse was raised as Jesse Boykin, the oldest child of Owen and Lillie Boykin.

Children: Jesse(__ - __), Melvin (1932 - 1972), Betty, Olan(Bud) (__-2003), Belva Lucille (___), Mildred, Wilbur, Marie, Nona Mae(__ - __), and Donald(__ - __).


Parents of Owen Boykin: was Dan W. Boykin and Anna A. Carriker, married on 7/27/1902 in Cooper, Texas.

Picture below: Dan W. Boykin and Anna A. Carriker Wedding Picture

Photo courtesy of Marie Boykin/Prause.

Note: I am searching for information on the parents of Dan W. Boykin… if you have any information please email me or post to the message board for this website. To return to the Front Page Click Here. The information that follows is on the Carriker family line by way of Anna Carriker.


Parents of Anna A. Carriker was: father Samuel Matthew Carriker and mother Mollie J. Pritchard

Picture below is of Mollie J. Pritchard Carriker.

Photo courtesy of Glenda Frost

Children of Samuel Matthew Carriker and Mollie Pritchard:

1) Anna, born 1865 in Lafayette County, Mississippi, died 11/28/1912 in Wynnewood Oklahoma.

Married (1) Robert Thompson

Married (2) Dan W. Boykin

2) Lee, born 1869 in Lafayette County, Mississippi

Married: Evalina Bass on 10/19/1892 in Durant, Indian Territory

3) Theodoscia (Docia), born 1/16/1871 in Lafayette County, Mississippi, died 10/23/1952 in Crosby (Harris County), Texas.

Married Richard Bush Morgan

Picture below of Theodoscia (Docia) Carriker:

Photo courtesy of Glenda Frost

4) Susie Leona (Luna), born 1/28/1874 in Mt. Joy (Delta County), Texas, died 6/13/1942 in Ridge (Robertson County), Texas.

Married (1) William Augustus Pippin, 5/21/1898 in Atoka Co., Indian Territory

Married (2) Joseph R. Boring, 3/7/1916, Robertson Co., Texas.

Picture below is Susie Leona (Luna) Carriker:

Photo courtesy of Glenda Frost


Note 1: Samuel Matthew Carriker "…had a blacksmith shop in Cooper, Texas for many years… he patented a device to prevent thievery on boxcars on June 11, 1895, in Durant, Indian Territory..." He was "...a master wood-working craftsman also, and the Carriker descendants, who still live in Mineral Wells [Texas], have many wooden boxes with intricate designs he hand-crafted, and a violin that he made by hand and played also. He died of TB, and after his death, a hand-written note was found inside the violin that read something like this: "To all my children and grandchildren - This consumption and coughing has contributed to a terrible way of life for me. I hope and pray to God that all of you have a better life than I have had." [Source: Glenda Frost].

Note 2: It has been told that Samuel Matthew Carriker is buried in an unmarked grave at Red Top Cemetery near Cooper, Texas. However repeated inquires of Delta County residents indicate that no one has ever heard of a "Red Top Cemetery". The story is told of how one of Samuel's children, and his child, lined Samuel's unmarked grave with red bricks in this Red Top Cemetery. [Source: Ken Thompson]

Note 3: Samuel Carriker fought on the Confederate side of the Civil War and was based out of Tupelo, Mississippi. Document dated May 1, 1864 and also states "Age 18, height 5 feet 6 inches, Eyes 'Blue', hair, 'dark', complexion, 'dark'. By whom enlisted "Capt. Guartney." Term of enlistment "War." [Source: photo copy of document provided by Glena Frost].

Parents of Samuel Mathew Carriker was: father (picture below) Adam Pinkney Carriker and Sophia Catherine Starnes. 


Adam Pinkney Carriker, with second wife Mary Welch.

(xerox copy of original photograph, courtesy of Glenda Frost)


Adam Pinkney Carriker born 1/5/1821 in Cabarrus County, North Carolina, died 5/10/1888 Delta County, Texas.

Married: (1) Sophia Catherine Starnes 8/26/1842 in Cabarrus County, North Carolina

Married: (1) Sophia Catherine Starnes born 1823; Cabarrus County, North Carolina, died 1859, Lafayette County, Mississippi, buried in Old Lebanon Cemetery, Lafayette County, Mississippi.


1) Jane C. born 1842 Cabarrus County, North Carolina.

2) Samuel Mathew: born 10/1843 Cabarrus County, North Carolina. Died 2/7/1904.

Married (1) Mollie Pritchard

Married (2) Rachel Catherine Bass on 9/16/1885 in Delta County, Texas.

3) James W. born 1847, Oxford, Lafayette County, Mississippi. Died 2/14/1921 McCauly, Fisher County, Texas.

4) Hessie Mildred, born 4/9/1848, Lafayette County, Mississippi. Died 3/19/1914 Lafayette County, Mississippi.

5) (Unknown name) born 3/6/1853 Layfayett County, Mississippi.

6) Naomi C. born 3/6/1853 Lafayette County, Mississippi. Died 9/30/1951 Wichita Falls, Texas.

7) Obediah F. born 9/4/1855 Lafayette County, Mississippi. Died 6/1/1857 Lafayette County, Mississippi.

8) Olivia (Ollie) born 4/1858 Lafayette County, Mississippi.

9) Parmey C. born 4/1858 Lafayette County, Mississippi.

Married (2) Mary Welch, children:

    1. Georgia born 12/1865 in Lafayette County, Mississippi (married Thomas Beasley 1/1880 in Delta County, Texas).
    2. Mary E. born 6/12/1867 (married Herman Williams).
    3. Cora E. (Sara) born 5/1868 in Lafayette County, Mississippi (married William Brigman 11/1884 in Delta County, Texas).
    4. Armanda (Mandie) born 1872 in Lafayette County, Mississippi.
    5. Texarcana born 10/11/1874 in Delta County, Texas, died 10/5/1956 in Abilene, Texas.


Adam Pinkney Carriker's headstone is located in the Mt. Joy Cemetary, a very small cemetary situated in a cow pasture.

Parents of Adam Pinkney Carriker:

Father: Solomon Carriker date of birth: 10/22/1797 in Cabarrus County, North Carolina. Date of death unknown.

Mother: Rachel Yerton born 1797 North Carolina, date of death unknown.

Parents of Solomon Carriker:

Father: Phillip Carriker Jr. date of birth: 1757 in Pennsylvania date of death 5/5/1856 in Cabarrus County, North Carolina

Mother: Eva Goodman date of birth and death, unknown.

Parents of Phillip Carriker, Jr.

Father: Phillip Carriker, Sr. born 1729 Germany died 1807 in Cabarrus County, North Carolina

Mother: Christina Eiseman date of birth and death unknown.

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